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12.00 -18.00

Have you ever wondered what Lake Starnberg sounds like, under the surface...?


Discover the world of hidden sounds with artist Simon Whetham, currently one of the artists-in-residence at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing.


During the workshop you will participate in listening exercises and learn how to focus more on the sounds around us. Then you will construct special microphones which allow you to hear sounds travelling through solid objects and that can capture underwater sounds, and explore the surrounding area for hidden sounds...


Simon has been working with site-specific field recordings since 2005, presenting work on CD's and in concerts and exhibitions around the world.

He has given workshops in listening and recording since 2009, also internationally, in countries as diverse as Colombia, Australia, USA and Norway.


Workshop fee: 30€

This includes refreshments, a light evening meal and the contact microphone and hydrophone constructed during the session. Recorders can be provided for the workshop if the participant does not own one.

Participants are also invited to stay for the concert presentation in the evening (see below).


Registration: contact to register or for more information, and also visit and go to the 'workshops' section.


Deadline for registration: 17th March 2014.


Please note! Workshop spaces limited to 10 participants only!



Concert @ Villa Waldberta

Saturday 29th March 2014 @ 8pm


Active Crossover: Feldafing featuring collaborations between Ypsmael (DE), Christine Schörkhuber (AU), Alexander Rishaug (NO) and Simon Whetham (GB)


An important part of Simon's residency has been to collaborate with a number of artists, using the Villa as a recording and performance space. Various rooms in the house and nearby buildings have provided interesting acoustics and objects/instruments with which to make music and sound works.


To conclude the residency, the artists will present their developments in a concert at the villa.


For more information about the artist, please click the following links:


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Simon Whetham:

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